Who We Are


Mosaic Miles is a social enterprise that promotes travel with a purpose and seeks to reclaim the tourist industry for the empowerment of survivors of human-trafficking and those vulnerable to trafficking.


Eliminating barriers to travel.

Empowering survivors of human-trafficking and those vulnerable to trafficking by supporting sustainable employment opportunities.


A passion long in the making, Mosaic Miles was born in 2016 as a solution to multiple challenges facing travel to exotic destinations and lesser developed countries (LDC):


Many people dream of traveling to exotic, foreign countries, but the difficulties presented by language barriers, dietary restrictions, and a general lack of familiarity, can seem insurmountable without support. Yet, who wants to participate in a rigid tour with matching yellow flags and the like? We certainly do not.

Our Solution:

Mosaic Miles provides itinerary suggestions, menu guides, and local insight, providing you with supportive resources for travel, without the inflexibility of a tour.


Sex tourism and human trafficking are harmful byproducts of the interaction between serious poverty and the in-flow of foreign tourist to a country.


Tourism is one the world’s largest industries. This economic force can be used for harm or for good. The vast majority of sex-trafficking is currently fueled by the tourist industry and yet, while it is causing so much harm, the tourist industry can also serve as one of the most significant and powerful solutions to sex-trafficking. Mosaic Miles seeks to create this impact in two ways:

1. Contributing 10% of all net proceeds to carefully selected anti-trafficking non-profit organization in the Asia-Pacific region working in rescue and restoration operations.

2. Connecting small business owners in the United States with textile and product manufacturers, who are survivors of human-trafficking or are vulnerable to being trafficked.