Travel for Good.

Mosaic Miles is a social enterprise that promotes travel with a purpose and seeks to reclaim the tourist industry for the empowerment of survivors of human-trafficking and those vulnerable to trafficking. Beginning in 2017, Mosaic Miles will provide tailored trips to Asia, with the security of a small group, but without the inflexibility of a tour. We will also offer special trips for U.S. business owners to connect with local producers of textiles and products manufactured through sustainable, dignified employment. A portion of all proceeds funds small business and educational grants for survivors of human-trafficking and those vulnerable to being trafficked.

Eliminating barrier to travel.
Connecting small businesses for social impact.
Empowering survivors of human-trafficking by supporting dignified, sustainable employment.

Let's Go!

Join us on a truly life changing adventure overseas or an exotic, transporting cultural event in the United States and be a part of the fight against human-trafficking.

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A Lesser Known Way to Intern at a U.S. Embassy Abroad

This advice is for both U.S. citizens looking to intern at a U.S. embassy or consulate abroad and non-U.S. citizens interested in interning at a U.S. embassy or consulate in their home country. U.S embassies and consulates are run by the U.S. Department of State. Naturally then, if you are interested in interning at a […]

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3 Day Itinerary in Chengdu

This 3-day Chengdu itinerary will ensure you see all the highlights. **Including Leshan and Emei Shan (Mt. Emei)** It goes without saying that China is a HUGE country and it’s understandable that you might not have the luxury of time while exploring the many sites of the Middle Kingdom. Chengdu is close to my heart- […]

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A Review of Serviced Apartments in Bangkok, Thailand

If you will be spending a month or more in Bangkok, Thailand, for business or leisure, a serviced apartment with a month to month lease is a great option and much cheaper than comparable hotels. During the three summers I spent living in Bangkok, I stayed in two different serviced apartments. I enjoyed both of […]

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Career Wanderlust: How to Work Abroad as a Professional

Do you dream of working abroad as a professional? A sort of “career wanderlust?” There is already a bountiful amount of information available about how to work and travel at the same time. Most suggestions for accomplishing this goal include working in the tourism industry, becoming a freelancer, yacht stewardess, or travel photographer. Those are […]

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